The Characteristics of a Gifted Child

25 Sep 2020

Gifted kids are often unable to process their difference from others well if they do not have a clear understanding of the importance of their talents, which makes them stand out from others. This is usually the result of parents or teachers not exerting an effort to make the child aware of his abilities because of fear that it will result in an overblown ego. However, a fault can be noted from this practice because this may make the child think that his giftedness is not a good thing. These abilities will then be ignored and will remain underdeveloped. In order to understand gifted children more, people need to be aware of their characteristics. When people do so, they will be able to handle gifted children without stifling their abilities.

Intelligence Quotient

Gifted kids have the ability to process things and relationships in a complex way. They do not see things as black and white. They see multiple shades of grey. They are naturally curious and they easily pick up signals when they observe things. This is also true for relationships. Oftentimes, they pick up too many complex signals during social interactions, which can be contradicting at times, and confuses them. In addition, they are naturally curious and demands accuracy and precision from everything. They end up talking about things that usually tire normal children out. Furthermore, they also have a tendency to be argumentative. This usually creates a negative impact on people, especially during conversations. If people do not understand the intellectual complexity of gifted children, this can result in others seeing them as odd.

Emotional Intelligence

There has been a correlation between being gifted and having intense emotions. The more abilities the child has, the more force they can feel with their emotions. Unlike normal children, they have a different way to process and express their emotions. Some of the things that they do to show how they feel is through attachment, a very high sense of responsibility, or too much introspection. It is important to make the gifted child understand that they also have their own complex set of emotions and it is okay for them to experience them, no matter the intensity. In doing so, people will not misinterpret their behavior as a sign of immaturity. Instead, it will help them be empowered to show the world who they really are.


The nervous system of gifted children is wired to be hyperexcitable. They are more aware and have an increased response to stimuli like noise, light, and others, as compared to other children. The overexcitability of these children can be a positive force for achieving creative, intellectual, ethical, and emotional achievements that can be of use to society someday.

Idealists and Perfectionists

The concept of idealism & perfectionism in gifted children is important. These kids use ideals as a driving force to propel them toward their goals. They are idealists by nature because they are able to do an abstract conceptualization of what things should be due to their high intellect. The only downside to this is that, sometimes, they become perfectionists, especially when they do not know how to balance what should be and what is actually happening. By being perfectionists, these children put tremendous pressure on themselves to achieve the high standards that they had set. When they fall short, this crushes them. It is important to let gifted kids realize that they should not only focus on the end result. They should also appreciate the process that they go through because that is where learning takes place.

Advanced Moral Development

Gifted children have the ability to empathize with other people. They have the capability to have moral concern for people and the environment. Having these traits mean that they are easily concerned with the problems that are plaguing the world today. They are able to understand its complexity and this also negatively impacts them when they realize that they cannot do anything about it. When they feel powerless, they also feel partly responsible for the bad situation.

Introverts vs Extroverts

It is important to make gifted kids understand that not all kids have the same personalities. They need to understand that not all children are like them. If they realize this, it will help them see that being different does not mean that a person is above or below another. This will also help them to be more open to themselves and others about weaknesses and strengths without being judgmental.

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The Characteristics of a Gifted Child

Sep 25 2020

Gifted kids are often unable to process their difference from others well if they do not have a clear understanding of the importance of their talents, which m

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