Who we are

15 Aug 2020

Gifted Services is dedicated to providing information and advice in all aspects of giftedness, covering topics such as meeting the emotional, intellectual, physical and educational needs of gifted individuals. Unique gifted individuals learning style and self expressions are open for discussion.

The original inception of this idea was in 1979. We know about emotional issues, intensity, sensitivity, perfectionism, and the very real needs of visual-spatial learners.


Our Aim

This site aims to assist parents and teachers to find the information, support and advice. We support equal access education and believe education should no longer be about money. The learning potential of our children should be explored in full.


Characteristics of Gifted People

  • Perfectionistic and sets high standards for self and others
  • has strong moral convictions
  • is highly sensitive, perceptive or insightful
  • fascinated by words or an avid reader
  • feels out-of-sync with others
  • is very curious
  • has an unusual sense of humour
  • a good problem solver
  • has a vivid and rich imagination
  • questions rules or authority
  • has unusual ideas or connects seemingly unrelated ideas
  • thrives on challenge
  • learns new things rapidly
  • has a good long-term memory
  • feels overwhelmed by many interests and abilities
  • is very compassionate
  • feels outrage at moral breaches that the rest of the world seems to take for granted
  • has passionate, intense feelings
  • has a great deal of energy
  • can’t switch off thinking
  • feels driven by creativity
  • loves ideas and ardent discussion
  • needs periods of contemplation
  • searches for ???? in their life
  • feels a sense of alienation and loneliness
  • is very perceptive
  • feels out of step with others

Please don’t expect to have all of these to be a gifted adult.

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