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LOOK HERE for a number of key websites that contain information that might be useful. Do remember that general information can only take you so farand, to move forward, you will need to apply this information to yourself, your individual child and your family.

These links are listed in three groups:

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Key Support Websites

  • Auditory Processing Disorder in the UK - Voluntary organisation aiming to raise recognition of and support for APD in the UK.
  • Austega's Gifted Resource Centre - Provides a range of resources for parents and teachers of gifted children, including an excellent Links Library.
  • Davidson Institute for Talent Development - Supports profoundly gifted young people including with an extensive resources section
  • The ERIC Clearing House - The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is probably the most comprehensive clearinghouse of education related material, including extensive coverage of gifted children. It provides a bibliography of relevant publications and other useful information.
  • GERRIC - The University of New South Wales' Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre Studies with a range of programs and services for teachers, parents and gifted students across Australia.
  • Gifted Canada - Provides contact details for provincial organisations and universities in Canada.
  • The Gifted Development Center - Dr. Linda Silverman and her staff have strong interest in both exceptional children and gifted learning disabled children.
  • Hoagies - A labor of love that is a wonderful resource for gifted kids, and their parents and teachers. Includes the latest research on parenting and education practices.
  • NSW Association for Gifted & Talented Children Inc - Provides a large range of information/articles, and an excellent Links Library.
  • Queensland Association For Gifted and Talented Children - This site contains information about the Association and its objectives, books for sale, videos to hire, and plenty of resource material such as the identification of gifted children , and strategies for their parents and teachers.

Australian Education Departments

Gifted Adults

  • The Theory of Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski - Access to a large range of resources about Dabrowski's thinking about personality development is particularly relevant to gifted adults seeking to understand their own experience.
  • Talent Development Resources - Focuses on talents in artistic, creative and performing areas and provides both talent specific and general information coverage, including quotes from well-known practitioners. There are also sections devoted to Women and Talent and to Teen/Young Adult Talent.
  • The Rocamore School Inc - A non-profit organization that provides educational and transformational resources and courses targeted towards gifted adults.
  • The Gifted Development Center - The Center associated with Dr Linda Silverman, this site addresses the needs of gifted children and their families as well as of gifted adults. It is particularly known for its work on visual-spatial thinkers.
  • Suite01.com - A member run information site providing links to the best resources on the web for the full range of interests and knowledge categories.
  • Information for Gifted Adults - A strong list of resources and articles compiled by Uta Kreimei, including some in languages other than English.
  • Highly Sensitive People - An information site for those who exhibit high degrees of sensitivitiy.
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