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Starting Points

Gifted and Creative Services Australia hopes the starting points below are useful to you.

Did you know?

It is normal for gifted people to:

  • have complex and deep thoughts
  • feel intense emotions
  • ask lots of questions
  • be highly sensitive
  • set high standards for themselves
  • have strong moral convictions
  • feel different & out-of-sync
  • be curious
  • have a vivid imagination
  • question rules or authority
  • thrive on challenge
  • feel passion and compassion
  • have a great deal of energy
  • have an unusual sense of humour
  • feel outrage at injustice
  • look for meaning in life
  • feel sad about the state of the world
  • feel a spiritual connection to life

If you identify with theseharacteristics, we invite you to explore our web site and discover more about being gifted.

Some starting points...

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